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One of the Best BBA Colleges in Lalitpur, Nepal: Campion College

Best BBA College in Lalitpur, Nepal -Campion

Are you someone who has just graduated from high school? Do you want to study a BBA course in Nepal but are confused about which college to be admitted to? Then why not join Campion College? Located near Shikali, Marga Campion College is one of the best BBA colleges in Lalitpur, Nepal!

Popularly known as CC, Campion College from CG Education has one of the best education in Nepal. With a team of experienced teachers focused on hands-on experience, adequate infrastructures, and a wide range of facilities, Campion College is the best Education destination to study BBA. But why is Campion College one of the best colleges in Nepal?

Reasons Making us the Best BBA College in Lalitpur, Nepal

Academic Advantages & Environment

Students of the best bba college in Lalitpur, Nepal

Campion College believes in teaching through hands-on experience. Therefore, we provide a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum covering various business disciplines. Along with this, we also provide you with practical exposure through internships and industry interactions. Furthermore, we also heavily emphasize soft skill development and leadership-building skills. These skills help you stand out from the crowd and show the quality of becoming future leaders in the Business sector in Nepal and across the globe. Additionally, we offer insights into the ongoing business scenario and provide networking opportunities to enhance your worldview.

Infrastructure & Amenities

As one of the top colleges for BBA in Lalitpur, we understand that breaks and refreshments are necessary for student life. Therefore, we offer you adequate infrastructure to enjoy and learn. With our large playground and spacious buildings filled with well-equipped classrooms, we have a good system of infrastructure to fulfill all your needs as a BBA student of CC. Furthermore, we also house computer labs, a library, AV rooms, and art studios so you can learn from more than just books. With all of these facilities, we can assure you that regardless of your infrastructure needs, Campion College is here to fulfill them all!

Peaceful Environment & Center Location

A peaceful environment is the central aspect of a good education. We at Campion College understand this concept very well. This is why we have situated our college in residential clusters, free from the hustle and bustle of the industrial and financial centers of the city. This peaceful and homely environment is central to our teachings at Campion College, as it allows you to be free from the noises and distractions of city life. Furthermore, we are located near the center of Lalitpur, which makes commuting to our college extremely convenient. Therefore, if you are searching for a BBA college that provides you with a quality education and is easy to commute to, Campion College is the best choice!

BBA Scholarship & Affordable Fee Structure

With our expert education, Campion College is undoubtedly one of the best education hubs for BBA courses in Nepal as a BBA student. However, at Campion, we understand that the financial aspect can become a burden. However, with Campion College, you no longer have to worry about your financial burden. As one of the top colleges for BBA in Nepal, we provide you with an affordable fee structure. However, there is more! At Campion College, we also offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities for all deserving students. So if you have academic excellence or meet our special criteria, we can offer you a partial or complete scholarship!

If you want further details regarding our fee structure or scholarship BBA offers, please visit our contact page or contact us directly.

Wide range of Facilities & Benefits

So Campion College has one of the best education, has good facilities and is affordable – what more can I expect? Well, there are many other benefits you can get from CC. These benefits include Career Counseling, Visiting Faculty, Projects, Extra Classes, Job Placement Assistance, Internship, Industrial Visits, Campion Clubs, and more! By fully utilizing our facilities, you can reap many benefits from Campion College and build yourself as a capable business person.

Hands-on Experience

As one of the best BBA colleges in Nepal, we understand the importance of having hands-on experience in the industry. Therefore we also provide you with pedagogy and apprenticeship programs so that you can gain hands-on experience in various industries that you can join by following the BBA course from Campaign College. With our Internship, Apprenticeship, and Pedagogy programs, you can experience how the industry functions for yourself. This allows you to develop a questioning spirit, responsible behavior, and a positive attitude toward learning.

6 Centers of Excellence from The Best BBA College in Nepal

With all the features we have mentioned so far, it is easy to understand why Campaign College is one of the best BBA colleges in Lalitpur. Our six centers of excellence provide you with the best education for BBA courses in Nepal. But what are our six centers of excellence? The six centers of excellence that we follow at Campion College are as follows:

Community Service and Engagement

At Campion, we believe in providing community service and engaging with our local community to build harmonious relationships with our neighbors.


At Campion College, we believe that a healthy body and active mind are key to success. Therefore, we provide and promote extracurricular and Co-curricular activities to enhance your body and mind.

Computer Literacy

We live in an age where regardless of which field you enter, having bare-bone computer literacy is a must. We at Campion College understand this aspect very well. Therefore, we promote and provide you with some of the best education in computer literacy so that you can adjust and enjoy the modern technology-driven world.

Career Ready

As one of the best BBA colleges in Nepal, we provide more than just education. At Campion College, we prepare you for your life in your career through internship and apprenticeship programs.

Communication and Personality Development

We at Campion College understand that having a competent personality and adequate skills are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, we provide you with communication and personality development to enhance your communication skills and personality.

Academic Excellence

As one of the best BBA Colleges in Lalitpur, Nepal, we are proud of our academic excellence. We have some of the best teachers in Nepal and have fully equipped facilities to provide you with the best educational services!

Center of Excellence at Campion BBA college

Extra Elements Adding to Improve your Experience

IT Enabled Education in Top BBA Colleges in Nepal

The world is progressing rapidly, and IT has become integral to everybody’s life. This is an aspect that Campion College understands very well. Therefore, we provide you with IT-enabled education to make our classes more engaging and updated with the ongoing technological trends. Through carefully integrating audio, visual, and interactive elements into our classes, we can ensure that you will find our education highly informative, engaging, and productive.

Faculty of Podcast and ToastMasters

Besides traditional education, Campion College also houses faculty of podcasts and toastmasters. With our skilled toastmasters, we help build your speaking and leadership skills through our global network of clubs. Therefore, when you join our Campion family, you are not just signing up for education exams but an overall growth course for your personal, interpersonal, and communication skills.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

National Survey of Student Engagement or NSSE (pronounced as Nessie) is a form of survey focused on undergraduate education and enhancing your participation inside and outside the classroom. Through this tool, we enhance your participation, help you network amongst your peers, and enhance your experience with our faculty during your time with us


So, why is Campion College one of the best colleges in Lalitpur, Nepal, for BBA? The answer is rather simple. We provide you with the best education, fully facilitated classes, a peaceful environment, an affordable fee structure, and many other practical benefits. With all of these in hand, you have all the reasons to choose Campion College to study at TU-affiliated BBA College in Lalitpur Nepal!

So join Campion College for BBA admission and become a part of our Campion Family!

Special Notes: Campion also provides free CMAT classes for BBA Preparing Students.