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Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology

Intakes: Kartik

This is a two-year (Semester System) degree programme with a mission to develop skilled human resources by imparting knowledge of theories and methods of Sociology.

Why BBA at Campion College:

  • In depth exploration of sociological theories and research methodologies.
  • Faculty mentorship for research projects and thesis development.
  • Opportunities for academic discussions and participation in conferences.
  • Exposure to contemporary social issues and challenges.
  • Pathway to pursue careers in academia, research, or social services.


Campion College's Sociology Faculty is a consortium of professors who have extensive experience and are dedicated to excellence in education.

Admission Criteria

A student holding a Bachelor Degree from any university recognized by Tribhuvan University is eligible to apply for admission. The Bachelor's degree should be in any of the following disciplines: Sociology Anthropology: Social Workshops, Nepalese History Culture and Archeology, Psychology, History, Economics Political Science, Agriculture, Medicine, and Forestry etc.

Applicants must appear for an entrance examination and secure a minimum qualifying score. Admission is strictly based on merit basis and on the enrolment capacity of the college.

Activities at Campion College

  • Orientation programme
  • Research proposal writing
  • Library-based term paper writing
  • Fieldwork-based project
  • Class & periodic assignments
  • Student-focused group discussion
  • Term paper presentation, seminar and workshops
  • Interaction with visiting faculty
  • Academic research in the final year

Key Notes

  • Course Overview: : In depth study of social structures, human behavior, and societal issues.
  • Program Objectives: Equips students with analytical skills to study social phenomena and drive change
  • Curriculum and Course Structure: Varied courses covering social theories, research methods, and sociological perspectives.
  • Faculty and Staff: Experienced faculty with expertise in diverse sociological areas.
  • Facilities and Infrastructure: Research facilities and access to sociological databases
  • Career Prospects: Career options in research, academia, social services, and policy analysis.
  • Internship and Placement Support: Opportunities for internships with research organizations and NGOs.
  • Research and Extracurricular Opportunities: Opportunities for research projects and community engagement.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Collaborations with research institutions and sociological forums.

MA - Sociology Syllabus



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Campion College

Sanepa, Lalitpur
Kathmandu, Nepal

5431436 / 5431435 / 5531994 / 5431994 / 5431126

Sun- Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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