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Short Introduction


Program by BBA faculty:

  1. Campion College Graduation Ceremony 2023
    • BBA 22nd Batch enters to a memorable day filled with wisdom, laughter, and success!
  2. Budget Summary Highlights: Student-Led, Mentor-Guided.
    • With the guidance of their dedicated mentors, they delivered a wonderful presentation filled with meticulous explanations, in-depth analysis, and valuable insights.
    • Their remarkable efforts showcased not only their academic prowess but also their ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Program by BASW faculty:

  1. Campion Let’s Talk Series “Breaking the Silence” Panel Discussion.
    • BASW students engaged in an eye opening session where insightful questions were raised, shedding light on the legal, social, educational, and empowering aspects of this critical issue in our society.
    • This was an empowering panel discussion on Marital Rape to hear from experts as they shed light on this crucial issue and pave the way for change.
  2. Campion College Rural Immersion Camp.
    • BASW students making a difference in Sindhupalchowk with an immerse in community service.
    • Together, they provided stationery items to brighten the lives of local school children, painted vibrant walls to inspire learning, and shared invaluable sessions on emotional intelligence.
    • Their dedicated team organized a school cleanliness program, engaged in focus group discussions, and conducted social mapping to tackle community problems head-on.
    • They conducted surveys among the villagers of Sindhupalchowk to understand their needs and aspirations better and also organized a special session for community school teachers.

Program by MA faculty:

  1. Campion College’s Masters Meet and Greet
    • The participant ignited their passion for learning, connect with brilliant minds, and unlocked their potential.
    • A program where management and student have their interaction.
    • Workshop on Personality Development and Work Etiquette by professionals.

Program by Campion College:

  1. Nabil SSE participants visit National Innovation Center led by the visionary Mahabir Pun.
    • They witnessed groundbreaking innovations and social initiatives that are transforming lives in Nepal.
    • The entire time at the center was a true eye-opener.
  2. Bodi Toastmasters at Campion College
    • Unleashing the Power of Words and Confidence on Stage.
    • TMOE TM Sabina Singh Maharjan explained about learning multiple languages can make you smarter and build relationships with other cultures. Knowing different languages is also a significant advantage in many careers.
  3. CMAT Socialization Program at Campion College.
    • The student councils of Campion College organized the program.
    • The event lashed with fun and engaging activities, mind-boggling quizzes, and exciting prizes.
    • It was an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow students and make unforgettable memories.