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Complete Guide for BBS Course in Nepal: BBS Syllabus, BBS Scope, BBS Subjects, BBS Fees.

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After graduating from 10+2 education, there is a wide range of education for students. They can choose from a wide range of courses to engage in and start their higher education path. One such option is a Bachelor’s in Business Studies (BBS). It is a popular choice for higher education in Nepal. Therefore, with the rising competitiveness in the job market, more and more people are seeking professional degrees like BBS. Furthermore, as this course covers a wide range of subjects, it is also an ideal course for those who want options in their career path.

In this blog, we discuss what the course is all about, along with the BBS syllabus, BBS scope, BBS subjects, and BBS fees. So, with this in mind, let’s get started!

BBS Course in Nepal

Bachelor in Business Studies or BBS for Short is a four-year degree in business management and studies. This degree is offered by colleges that are affiliated with Tribhuvan University in Nepal. This course provides you with a general overview of the core business subjects. These subjects include the ones such as accounting, marketing, human resource management, economics, and finance. Furthermore, the curriculum for this course is designed to provide you with the general skills and knowledge required to take on entry-level managerial roles in various organizations. Some of these organizations include but are not limited to ones such as corporate companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Furthermore, this course allows you to know the basic concepts of business. On top of this knowledge, BBS also provides you with the ability to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Therefore, the BBS course in Nepal is often seen as an ideal course for anyone who wants to start a career in a wide range of fields. If You wanna join BBS then you can visit Campion College.

BBS Subjects and Syllabus

The BBS course and syllabus are divided into four years with each year having its unique course and each course having its syllabi. The subjects and syllabus of BBS are as follows:

First Year

  • MGT 201: Business English
  • MGT 202: Business Statistics
  • MGT 203: Microeconomics
  • MGT 211: Accounting for Financial Analysis
  • MGT 213: Principles of Management

The subjects are worth 100 marks each

Second Year

  • MGT 205: Business Communication
  • MGT: 206: Macroeconomics
  • MGT 212: Cost and Management and Accounting
  • MGT 214: Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MGT 216: Foundations of Human Resource Management

The subjects are worth 100 marks each

Third Year

  • MGT 204: Business Law   
  • MGT 215: Fundamentals of Financial Management   
  • MGT 217: Business Environmental Management   
  • MGT 218: Taxation and Auditing   
  • MGT 219: Organizational Behavior   

The subjects are worth 100 marks each

Fourth Year

  • MGT 220: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
  • Concentration I
  • Concentration II
  • Concentration III
  • MGT 221: Business Research Methods
  • MGT 401: Final Project

The subjects are worth 100 marks each except MGT 221: Business Research Methods and MGT 401: Final Project. These two subjects carry 50 marks each.

The concentration areas for the final year are as follows:


  • FIN 250: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
  • FIN 251: Commercial Bank Management
  • FIN 252: Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets
  • FIN 253: Fundamentals of Investment
  • FIN 254: Insurance and Risk Management


  • MKT 250: Fundamentals of Selling
  • MKT 251: Customer Relationship Management
  • MKT 252: Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal
  • MKT 253: Fundamentals of Advertising
  • MKT 254: Fundamentals of Services Marketing


  • MGT 250: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • MGT 251: International Business
  • MGT 252: Management of Industrial Relations
  • MGT 253: Productivity Management
  • MGT 254: Quality Management

As a student, you can pick three concentration areas from these five functional areas.

The Cost of BBS in Nepal

The cost of studying BBS in Nepal varies depending on the educational institutes. However, in general, you can study this course for a price range between 1 and 4 Lakhs.

Do note that this cost does not include the cost of books, transportation, accommodation, and other living expenses. Additionally, if you score well and have high academic merits, you can also get partial or full scholarships. This in turn reduces the overall cost of studying BBS in Nepal.

Scope of BBS in Nepal

While the courses may seem extensive, do note that each year only has five subjects except for the final year. Therefore, if you focus on your studies, graduating from a BBS course is not that hard. The good news is that once you graduate from this course, you will be open to a wide range of scopes. Some of these scopes are as follows:

Banking and financial services

You can find opportunities in sectors such as banks, insurance firms, and mutual funds. The roles you may get include credit analyst and wealth manager.

Tourism and Hospitality

You can be involved in fields such as sales, operations, and customer service in airlines, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and event companies.

Civil Services

After clearing BBS exams, you can get government jobs in fields such as administration, revenue, and customs departments.

Development Sector

The scope of commerce extends to multiple sectors. Therefore, you can also find jobs in sectors such as non-profit organizations and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs).


Besides being directly involved in the financial sector, you can also teach commerce-related subjects in schools, colleges, and training institutes as lecturers or instructors.


Once you graduate from BBS, you should have a good understanding of various aspects of business. Therefore, you can start your own business and become an entrepreneur.

Corporate Job

You can also find employment in private companies across various fields such as IT, construction, and healthcare in roles such as HR, marketing, and finance.

Media and Communication

Besides being directly involved in the financial sector, you can also find a career in content writing, reporting, public relations, advertising, and even podcasting after graduating from a BBS program in Nepal.


Bachelor’s in Business Studies (BBS) is a popular undergraduate course in Nepal. This course is designed to provide you with a basic foundation of business and management and is offered by Tribhuvan University (TU) or colleges associated with TU. In this course, you will learn 5 major subjects per year, except for the final year which includes concentrations.

In the final year, you can specialize in accounting, finance, marketing, or management. Once you complete the BBS course, you can find diverse career prospects in banking, financial services, tourism, civil services, the corporate sector, entrepreneurship, media, and more. And if you want to study at the best BBS College in Nepal, do visit us at Campion College which is managed by CG Education.