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Exploring Humanities Programs: BASW, BA & MA at Campion

humanities courses in Kathmandu at campion college

Do you want to study Humanities at one of the best arts and humanities colleges in Nepal? Then Campion College has your back. At Campion College, we are here to provide you with a diverse range of courses, elevated opportunities, and a supportive learning environment for your endeavor in this stream. Furthermore, we also provide you with the perfect opportunity to build a strong foundation for your educational journey forward in this discipline. But, some of you may wonder- what are the humanities courses in Campion College that we can enroll in?

In this blog, we talk about the humanities course you can enroll in. These courses include BA, BASW, MA Sociology / Anthropology, and MA English. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Humanities Courses Available in Campion College

At Campion College managed by CG Education, you can study several disciplines of humanities courses at every level of your journey. These courses are as follows:

BA (Bachelors of Arts)

Bachelor of Arts, or BA for short, is our undergraduate degree that primarily focuses on the subjects in liberal arts. Within this stream, we offer you a wide range of subjects to study and choose from. These subjects include the following:

  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

And more. If you want to pursue education and a career in the humanities stream, this is one of the best courses to enroll in.

BASW (Bachelor of Arts in Social Work)

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work or BASW is an undergraduate degree geared toward social work. While the general concept of BASW is essentially the same as BA, this stream is more dedicated to social work. Similar to BA, you can find many subjects such as sociology, history, and psychology. However, in addition to these subjects, you can also study Social Work theory and gain practical experience regarding fieldwork. 

If you still want the general groundwork for humanities but are learning more about fieldwork, then this is a great course for you to study in Campion.

Humanities students at campion college in Kathmandu reading books. BA, BSW books.

MA in Sociology/Anthropology (Masters of Arts in Sociology or Anthropology)

Master of Arts in Sociology or Anthropology is a graduate program that you can study at Campion College. In this education course, you dive deep into the complex social and cultural aspects and conduct a study on human behaviors. 

Furthermore, you also explore several specialized aspects such as social theory, cultural anthropology, social research methods, and archaeological studies. 

MA in Sociology/Anthropology is one of the best courses to enroll in after graduating from BASW.

MA in English (Masters of Arts in English)

Masters of Arts in English or MA in English. In this graduate level of education at Campion College, you dive deep into the literal works and explore critical theories within these literary works. Furthermore, you may also have the opportunity to focus on specific literary areas. These areas can include Shakespearean literature, American literature, or creative writing. Furthermore, you also engage in research and critical thinking while developing enhanced writing and communication skills.

MA in English is a natural progression of an education course if you study BA. However, you can apply to this course if you are enrolled in BASW at Campion College.

These are the four courses at Campion College, the best humanities college in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Admission Criteria for Humanities Streams at Campion College

Now that we know what each course is all about, let’s talk a bit about the admission criteria to enroll in these humanities courses at Campion College.

Admission Criteria for BA/BASW

If you want to apply for a BA or BASW course, you must complete 10+2 from NEB, Tribhuvan University (TU), or any other TU-recognized board.

Admission Criteria for MA

To study for an MA in Campion College, you must meet the following admission criteria:

A Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines:

  • Social Workshops
  • Nepalese History and Archaeology
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Economics Political Science
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine
  • Forestry

Along with this, you must also give an entrance admission at Campion College. Once you take the exam, you must gain the minimum qualification score. However, we encourage you to aim for the highest admission score, as admission is based on a merit system. Furthermore, we also have limited seats for our MA program at Campion College. Therefore, the better merits you have, the better chances you gain to study MA at Campion College, the best humanities college in Kathmandu, Nepal.

These are the requirements you must meet to study the Humanities course at Campion College.

A group of students in a humanities college in Kathmandu. BA, BSW Students


As one of the best colleges for Humanities in Nepal, you can study a wide range of courses at Campion College. These courses are BA, BASW, MA in English, and MA in Sociology/Anthropology. Naturally, to study in these education programs, you need to meet a few criteria. However, these education criteria can be easily met. 

Whether you want to study social work, sociology, anthropology, or English, Campion College is one of the best education destinations in Kathmandu for you! So what are you waiting for? Join us now and become a Campionite!

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